An elegant new restaurant exploring the Irish larder, inspired by the idea of climate and how it controls what grows and is harvested – and how that discovery influences our mood and our plate.

Celebrating what can be sown and harvested, fished and foraged on the island of Ireland, Aimsir is a passionate advocate for an authentic range of ingredients used in a sophisticated and inventive way.


Jordan & Majken Bech-Bailey

Cornwall-born chef Jordan Bailey and Danish front of house manager Majken Bech Christensen have been exploring the food producers and ingredients of their newly adopted home. Jordan was previously head chef at 3 star Michelin Maaemo, Oslo where the two met, and a key member of 2 star Michelin Restaurant Sat Bains in the UK, whilst Majken honed her skills at 2 star Michelin Henne Kirkeby Kro, Denmark.

These two young newly-weds – in their twenties, one from Denmark, one from Cornwall, now making a home together in Ireland – are celebrating a larder that is new to both of them, and indulging in the excitement and adventure of discovering this bounty together.


Is there another race on the face of the earth that talks about the weather more than we do? If you don’t like the weather here, they say, just wait ten minutes. With four seasons in an average day, the preoccupation makes sense – the weather drives our conversation and our economy, it rules our farmers and fishermen, it has this island in its control.

So as much as possible, everything served in Aimsir is grown in Ireland.

That level of discipline involves precision and control, but is also very much dependent on real connections and relationships. That is reflected on the plate at Aimsir.

The vagaries of Irish weather – the brooding clouds and changing light, the bright sunshine, grey days and deep shadows, the changing seasons and their bounty – are as clearly reflected on the plate at Aimsir as the blue sky in a bright lake.

An all-island restaurant, the best producers and growers from all over Ireland have been invited to be part of this new celebration of the most powerful, significant and influential force this country has ever seen – the weather.

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Aimsir Update

“Aimsir was originally scheduled to open next month. Due to some build delays however that date has had to be postponed. The good news though, for those that are curious to get a sense of what Aimsir will be like, is that in the meantime Jordan is very keen to get cooking and working with the Irish larder and community that he and I have been building around Aimsir. We are launching a one-off short residency – Elements of Aimsir – over six nights in Love One Cottage, one of the restored cut-stone cottages on the grounds of Cliff at Lyons.

These evenings will not reflect the entire breadth of what Aimsir will be when open, but will give an introduction to Jordan’s cooking and the chance to experience our hospitality for the first time, in a relaxed, informal setting.”  Majken Bech-Bailey, Restaurant Manager.


Jordan, Majken and a small team will serve four courses with some in-between treats, paired with wines and juices.
DINNER*: €100 per person incl drinks
DATES**: 8, 13, 14, 15, 20 & 21 Nov
TIME: 7:00pm
*T&C’s apply Places are limited| Dinner must be prepaid in advance | Max four places per person

**The Elements of Aimsir evenings are now fully booked. Click here to register your interest or be added to the waitlist. 

+353 1 630 3500