22nd September

Our bees have arrived under the expert care of the Aimsir Garden team.

We look forward to some delicious honey whilst also building a new home for these incredibly important creatures in our ecosystem.

3rd February 2022

The pigs are now almost five months old and have doubled in size.

We have had a couple of temporary escapees over the past months. Luckily, their adventures were short-lived, and all are safe and sound.

19th October 2021

Our pigs settling in nicely to their new pen.

8th October 2021

The arrival of our new four-legged, furry friends – six Kunekune piglets.

20th September 2021

200kg of apples harvested from our orchard, just in front of our AIMSIR Lounge, for a small-batch cider.

16th September 2021

Our polytunnels looking beautiful this evening, with the new lights on.

10th September 2021

Pumpkins harvested just in time for Halloween.

1st September 2021

Our very first AIMSIR Farm & Gardens Tour!

25th August 2021

Our completed berry tree section.

19th August 2021

No polytunnel is complete without a chandelier and dining table…

4th August 2021

Red and white onions – picked and dried!

10th July 2021

Everything starting to come together.. Baby carrots, beetroot, edible flowers, herbs and radishes.

9th July 2021

Fencing going up to make the pen for our pigs to arrive in a couple of months time.

7th July 2021

Lots of work being done during the first week of July. Veg planted – courgettes, cabbage, fennel, purple sprouts, broccoli and kohlrabi.

29th June 2021

Carrots, Beans, Cucumbers, Leeks, Radishes and more!

22nd June 2021

Radishes picked and ready for a fresh salad.

21st June 2021

The first day of harvesting and cropping on the farm.

14th May 2021

In the space of over two months, all of our polytunnels and beds were completely full of growing produce.

2nd May 2021

Our berry tree section was formed over the space of two days.

28th April 2021

The first harvest! Mixed leaves – a hard-earned salad.

25th April 2021

The day when everything was transferred from the polytunnels and planted outside, ready to grow for the season.

19th April 2021

The first full day of work on the field to the rear of Cliff at Lyons.

16th April 2021

The first vegetables planted outside for the season!

14th April 2021

An extra bed added beside our polytunnels.

12th April 2021

Sowing and nurturing seedlings in our polytunnels.

10th April 2021

Prep starting on the field at the rear of Cliff at Lyons

9th April 2021

Finished! A dedicated polytunnel for the more delicate seedlings.

5th April 2021

Things starting to take shape..

29th March 2021

The emptying and reconfiguration of our polytunnels begins.

26th March 2021

Frames and beds almost complete..

22nd March 2021

Some order being introduced to the beds.

10th March 2021

Frames being built for climbers and sprawlers.

1st March 2021

1st of March was the first official day of work on AIMSIR Farm & Gardens.

The first days consisted of shaping the raised beds and building frames outside of AIMSIR’s famous front door.